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The AHAM Verification Program for Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners

AHAM is an organization that verifies the testing results of home appliances such as room air conditioners, dehumidifiers and, of course, room air cleaners.
Since 1967, we've used outside labs to test products, and today you'll find AHAM verified ratings on a variety of appliances. This makes comparing products easier for you.
All of the manufacturers listed in this directory voluntarily participate in the AHAM certification program for room air cleaners. This standardized measurement system known as the Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR - determines how well an air cleaner reduces pollutants such as tobacco smoke, dust and pollen.
From air cleaner to air cleaner, compare the CADR numbers listed next to each model number. First, look at suggested room size. Then refer to the tobacco smoke, dust and pollen CADR numbers. The higher the numbers, the faster the unit filters the pollutants out of the air. If from one unit to the other the ratings are the same, their air filtering performance is similar.
The AHAM Certification Program for Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners
The Portable Electric Room Air Cleaner Certification Program provides assurance to the public, through presence of the AHAM Verification Seal, that manufacturers' claimed ratings of Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) have been independently verified in accordance with ANSI/AHAM Standard AC-1, "Method for Measuring Performance of Portable Household Electric Room Air Cleaners.
In addition, all ENERGY STARŪ models shown in this directory are required to meet the requirements of both AHAM and the ENERGY STARŪ program verification testing.
Under the terms of the Program, manufacturers certify the CADR of a portable electric room air cleaner.  An independent laboratory verifies the performance of random samples taken from factory, warehouse and dealer showrooms.
Participation in the Program is voluntary and is open to all manufacturers and firms who market private brand models. As program sponsor and verifying authority, AHAM retains a laboratory (Intertek) to administer testing of sample units and to verify manufacturers' claimed ratings.
Program Scope
ANSI/AHAM Standard AC-1 applies to portable electric room air cleaners that remove particulate matter from the air and that have CADR ratings within the ranges noted below:
Tobacco Smoke 10 to 450 CADR
Dust 10 to 400 CADR
Pollen 25 to 450 CADR
Room Size Calculation
Room size is calculated using the following formula:
Room Square Feet = Smoke CADR value x 1.55 (or Room Square Meters = Smoke CADR value x 0.144)
This formula is based on the CADR requirement to remove 80% of smoke particles, assuming one room air exchange per hour. Further information on this calculation can be obtained from AHAM.
ENERGY STARŪ Verification
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires third-party verification that an air cleaner bearing the ENERGY STARŪ label meets the requirements for dust CADR per watt and standby power.  AHAM is an EPA recognized verification administrator providing verification testing for ENERGY STARŪ models.  All ENERGY STARŪ models shown in this directory are required to meet the requirements of both AHAM and ENERGY STARŪ verification testing.
Verification Mark
The AHAM Portable Electric Room Air Cleaner Certification Mark is issued by AHAM to all manufacturers and private brand sellers of portable electric room air cleaners who are Licensees in the Program. Under terms of the Program, the manufacturer certifies that the CADR of all portable electric room air cleaners bearing this Mark are determined and accurately stated in accordance with the requirements of ANSI/AHAM Standard AC-1. The Verification Mark is required on all packaging of certified portable electric room air cleaners. Additionally, Program terms require that manufacturers display only CADR values for tobacco smoke, dust and pollen within the verification Mark. The Mark cannot imply verification of any other feature or performance factor. The use of ENERGY STARŪ mark is administered by the EPA and the Department of Energy (DOE). While testing as part of the AHAM program does verify this rating, AHAM does not control use of the ENERGY STARŪ mark.
AHAM's Directory of Certified Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners lists current program models for each participating Licensee in the Program. The directory may include room air cleaner models that were produced during a previous directory period, but which have no scheduled production during the current period.  
Inquiries and Comments
Comments or questions on AHAM's Portable Electric Room Air Cleaner Certification Program should be directed to AHAM.